Indochine Cruise

Price from 205 ($) ~ US$ 205 / PP
Price from 205 ($) ~ US$ 205 / PP

Indochine Cruise

Indochine Cruise - 5 starsIndochine Cruise - 5 starsIndochine Cruise - 5 starsIndochine Cruise - 5 starsIndochine Cruise - 5 stars

Junior Suite Cabin

Junior Suite Cabin - Indochine Cruise

  • Size: 32m2
  • Type of bed: Double/Twin
  • A private balcony sits at the back of the room while an en suite bathroom provides both a rainfall and massage shower.
Suite Cabin

Suite Cabin - Indochine Cruise

  • Size: 42m2
  • Type of bed: Double/Twin
  • The rich interior of this cabin has been furnished to the highest standard and constructed with the finest materials leaving no detail unseen to. In addition to the larger size, suite cabins offer a second deck location, French windows, an exterior balcony from which to soak in the views and a bathroom with rainfall shower and a jacuzzi tub.
Executive Suite Cabin

Executive Suite Cabin - Indochine Cruise

  • Size: 54m2
  • With an equally large balcony, you really do get an unrestricted view of the entirety of Lan Ha Bay. This cabin breaks the binaries between old and new as you experience authentic French Indochinese heritage in twenty-first-century comfort. Enjoy your king-sized bed, marble en-suite and unparalleled views in true style.
President Suite Cabin

President Suite Cabin - Indochine Cruise

  • Size: 80m2
  • It is the largest cabin in the whole Indochina Sails fleet, the French doors and private balcony are unparalleled in terms of space and views. Enjoy the luxuriant linens of the supreme bed and relax in your private spacious bathroom where you can soak-up the views whilst you soak in your jacuzzi.
Family Cabin

Family Cabin - Indochine Cruise

  • Size: 54m2
  • The Family Connecting Cabins are a unison of two Junior Suite Cabins connected through an internal door. In one room, a single bed and all of its surrounding amenities provide accommodation for one, while two can sleep in the next room in their comfortable twin beds (with the ability to join into one double). These rooms offer up the convenience of two bathrooms and two balconies, ensuring that private family time or reserved time between friends can always be enjoyed on your luxury cruise through Lan Ha Bay.
  • Take the time to relax Cochinchine Lounge on dark furnishings accentuated with vibrant cushions and throws; the bay outside the arched windows provides excellent viewing opportunities to the sounds of live piano music.
  • Tonkin’ restaurant is run by award winning chefs. The architecture of the dining area adheres to a vintage colonial past with art galleries and antiques. Our bar stays open late into the night for anyone making the most of Lan Ha’s captivating evening air, serving a great selection of local and international beverages.
  • The elegance of Indochina and the luxury of Lan Ha Bay cruising combine in the Spa, located on the second deck of Indochine Cruise. Our spa is a private sanctuary for passengers, who can match the lull of the bay with a soothing massage, body scrub or herbal treatment. Our professional masseuses are trained to a 5-star level and are proud to display age-old techniques perfected by the Vietnamese people.
  • From sunrise to sunset, the crown of Indochine Cruise sits atop the beautiful sundeck. The long deck is crafted from smooth burnished wood and features exquisite seating options, lined up with an open-air view of the majesty beyond. Start the day here with tai chi and the cool of the wood between your feet, or spend an evening watching moonlight dance on the water and listening to the ambient soundtrack of Lan Ha Bay.
  • Exploring a Fishing Village
  • Van Boi is Lan Ha Bay’s premier fishing village and the best one for guests to learn about a way of life far removed from their own. Van Boi is one of the oldest villages in the Halong area and has existed for generations off the business of fishing, which all of its residents engage in.Our guide will explain the workings of Van Boi as we kayak around its waterways, discovering a beautifully peaceful existence and enhancing your luxury Lan Ha cruise with memories of the bay’s smiling locals.
  • The quiet appeal of Lan Ha Bay speaks volumes on kayaking excursions here. The emerald seascape matches its wide and grandiose expanse with areas of intimate beauty, where passengers from Indochine Cruise can kayak in the utmost peace.Head out with the staff and make your own way around Lan Ha Bay, finding golden coves and inlets shaded by tropical pines along the way. The staff of our 5-star cruise are trained to a 5-star standard in both hospitality and safety, meaning that you are in good hands as you make your own Lan Ha Bay discoveries.
    Unwinding with Tai Chi
  • The ancient martial art of tai chi seems to go hand in hand with the environment of Lan Ha Bay. Both are peaceful and highly meditative, and both can offer extraordinary beauty on the deck of Indochine Cruise.Daily tai chi classes are held in the morning around sunrise. Our teacher will take beginners through the slow movements of tai chi in the emerging daylight that graces the bay. This is one of Lan Ha Bay’s best activities for matching the tranquillity of the surrounding landscape.
    Discovering Mystical Caves
  • Beauty in Lan Ha Bay can be found in many corners of its wild expanse, but some of its strongest scenery is often found tucked quietly away. This is certainly the case with its magnificent caves, which offer a window onto Lan Ha’s spectacular hidden world.As our luxury Lan Ha Bay cruise pulls up outside the Dark and Bright Caves, passengers will be invited to explore this beautiful corridor of water from the seat of a kayak. Our guide will point out the interesting geology of the Dark Cave as we paddle through, before showing us the most beautiful spots of its enclosed lake at the back, where sunlight filters through trees and creates the perfect image of natural paradise.
    Biking on Viet Hai village
  • Opportunities for cycling might not show themselves often in Lan Ha Bay, but Indochine Cruise can provide them at Viet Hai village, a truly ancient and culturally rich commune on Cat Ba Island. The pace of life is slow for the villagers here, creating a beautiful atmosphere where bamboo houses, rice paddies and rolling hills fit perfectly within.Cycling is the perfect activity to explore Viet Hai and is one of the popular highlights of our luxury Lan Ha cruise. Follow the tour guide as they take you through unrestrained jungle and between golden carpets of rice, meeting locals that perfectly capture Lan Ha’s peaceful aura.
    Squid Fishing At Night
  • Lan Ha Bay is famous for its ancient culture of squid fishing, soour evening squid fishing activity offers a real taste of a ‘day inthe life’ of a local. Before the recent tourism boom, this ancientpractice was vital in supporting local fishing communities forcenturies on the waters of Lan Ha Bay. With the help andknowledge of our staff, relax for some slow eveningentertainment. Squid fishing is most successful after sunset asyou can lure the squid towards your bait by using a modern lightsystem provided by Indochina Sails. Reel in your catch and ifyou do it in time, the on-board kitchen team can whip you up asquid-based treat.
    Creating Vietnamese Flavours
  • If the top quality meals on your luxury cruise around Lan Ha Bay weren’t enough, our award-winning chef will be demonstrating their own spin on Vietnamese cuisine with the daily interactive cooking class. Join them in one of the restaurants or on the sundeck as they take passengers step-by-step through the methods of making Vietnamese spring rolls, all during an awe-inspiring sunset dipping behind the neighbouring mountains.
    Happy Hour
  • Get your evening off to the right start. All drinks buy one get onefree except from bottled wines.
  • Indochine Cruise is the name and relaxation is the game. Fromthe sundeck to the many beaches you can visit, there is alwaystime to wind down, sit back, and just take it all in for a moment.Our sundeck offers the perfect space for this – with sun chairsand a swimming pool you are spoilt for choice both day andnight. Here you can feel the wind in your hair and the amazingsky above. Upon re-boarding the ship, take a seat in the diningarea and let us spoil you whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    Enjoying the Night-Time Serenity
  • There is certainly no lack of options for relaxation in Lan Ha Bay on your luxury cruise. Indochine Cruise is fitted with the highest quality facilities to ensure that your time at the end of the day is spent in the utmost tranquillity.Opt for a massage at the spa centre to help you sleep, or head to the bar and lounge for an evening of social drinking or reading. The sundeck provides an incredible space to listen to the night-time soundtrack of Halong Bay, while squid fishing on the tender boat offers more of Lan Ha’s soothing aura before you recline to your 5-star cabin.
  • If the hot summer days have taken their toll and you keen fora dip to cool down, you l have no trouble finding a spot for arelaxing swim during your cruise of Ha Long Bay. Swim straight from the boat or wait until we visit one of the many hundreds ofbeaches. Many of the islands have their own beaches that areideal for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and dining. Jellyfisharen’t uncommon so it is advised to swim from one of thebeaches as the immediate coasts are often fitted with safetynets to keep the stingers out. This is important information tobare in mind at all times as these jellyfish can give out lifethreatening stings. There are also many freshwater areas toswim however many of these are privately owned and requirearranging in advance.
  • The Indochine Cruise Lan Ha spa service is a particularly special feature that operates to international standard. After a long day of relaxing, swimming and dining, what better way to spend an evening than being pampered by a professional South East Asia masseuse. Wind down in the treatment room amidst the haze of incense and ambient music as you gently sway to the rhythm of the bay. From full-body massages to five-minute manicures, our experienced spa team will serve your every need.


Price from 205 ($) ~ US$ 205 / PP

Indochine Cruise 2 Days 1 Night

Indochine Cruise 2Days/1Night

Indochine Cruise 2Days/1Night - 5 starsIndochine Cruise 2Days/1Night - 5 starsIndochine Cruise 2Days/1Night - 5 starsIndochine Cruise 2Days/1Night - 5 starsIndochine Cruise 2Days/1Night - 5 stars
  • Free round trip transfer Hanoi-Lan Ha Bay
  • Free Kayaking to explore tunnel caves
  • Sail on Lan Ha Bay
  • Excellent service with well trained team

Price from 205 ($) ~ US$ 205 / PP

Indochine Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights

Indochine Cruise 3Days/2Nights

Indochine Cruise 3Days/2Nights - 5 starsIndochine Cruise 3Days/2Nights - 5 starsIndochine Cruise 3Days/2Nights - 5 starsIndochine Cruise 3Days/2Nights - 5 starsIndochine Cruise 3Days/2Nights - 5 stars
  • Free round trip transfer Hanoi-Lan Ha Bay
  • Free Kayaking to explore tunnel caves
  • Sail on Lan Ha Bay
  • Excellent service with well trained team